Glow Furniture Packages

If you are planning a special event, party or exhibition why not look at our illuminated glow furniture package deals, big savings are to be had. Below are some examples of glow furniture packages but feel free to create your own and we will provide a quote with a bulk order discount.

All the glow furniture package products are fully charged when they are delivered so no power source is required meaning you can place the furniture anywhere you choose. You will be provided with a remote control to select the colour of each product. With 16 colours to choose from and various effects you can match the furniture to your events colour scheme – all the same colour, all different – so many options!

glow furniture package 1

glow furniture package

Glow Party Package

Glow Furniture package 2

Why Choose Us?

        • We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Illuminated Party Hire, and the original glow furniture package hire company on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
        • All of our furniture is rechargeable and fully charged when delivered
        • We will work with you to tailor a package to suit your space, requirements and budget
        • We can offer competitive discounts for large orders
        • We are a small company and offer a personalised customer service to work with you to create your special event